South San Jose a Neighborhood in San Jose CA

In the south area of San Jose, there are a lot of neighborhoods and cities like Almaden Valley, Saratoga, and Santa Teresa. Within the South San Jose neighborhood, there can sometimes be confusion in regards to which city or community you are referring to when discussing an area with others. The boundaries for all of these areas overlap each other so they make it difficult to determine exactly where one stops and another begins.

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The general boundaries for South San Jose are Story Road to the north, Almaden Expressway and Tully Rd. to the west, Hwy 85/87 to the south, and Santa Teresa Blvd./San Ignacio Ave. to the east. This is excluding many of the neighborhoods within South San Jose which may or may not have different boundaries than this area such as Blossom Valley & Almaden Valley.

History of South San Jose

Even before the time that South San Jose was recognized as its own city, it was divided into two parts known as Almaden and Cambrian. These two areas were both independent from one another and had their own school districts, police departments, fire departments etc. Eventually these two small cities merged to form the City of Cambrian Park. In 1963 a vote was passed for this new city where they would be governed by a council/manager form of government. This is what we have today in South San Jose but still referred to as Cambrian for planning purposes through Santa Clara County which established much of our street and area names today such as Quito Road and Camden Avenue.

Cambrian Park is home of the Shops at Tanforan, Sunnyvale Golf Course and Cambrian Library. There also used to be a Bar called the ‘Cambrian Inn’ in this area that was open from 1956 until 2009 when it closed its doors due to the owner’s health issues. It reopened again in 2014 and has since closed once more.

Languages spoken here are mostly English or Spanish with a small percentage of other languages being represented as well making up about 13% of this population respectively. The vast majority of those living here are White/Caucasian making up 75% of the rest but 2nd place goes to Asian at 16%. Even though Cambrian Park is fairly new compared to some of the older communities in San Jose, it still has much to offer.

Additionally , in regards to South San Jose, this is also home of the ‘Palo Alto Baylands’ which is a marshland by the bay where many birds live. This area has been part of an EPA Superfund site since 1987 but is in the process of being cleaned up so they can continue living there without it affecting them.

One good thing about living in this area is that you’ll have plenty of schools to choose from and even with so many students, test scores are still very high when compared with other cities throughout California. According to Great Schools (2015), some of their ratings include: 4/5 stars for Elementary Schools, 3/5 stars for Middle Schools and 5/5 stars for High! They even have great reviews from parents as well so if you’re looking for a place to settle down, this just might be the place.

Not only are there good schools in South San Jose but there is a huge variety of different restaurants and entertainment close by. For instance, Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall are both located here along with many other stores, shops and restaurants that are easily accessible from anywhere within the city itself or even surrounding communities nearby.