Benefits Living in San Jose CA.

The city of San Jose California has been the epicenter of a lot of major technology companies namely Adobe, Apple and Google. The following infographic shows other benefits to living in San Jose. The cost of living may be higher than the national average but you can see that there are several benefits to offset this too expensive price tag. With around 90,000 people moving into the greater bay area every year it is no wonder that Silicon Valley produces millionaires by the boatload.

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There are many benefits living in  San Jose CA . This infographic shows some of the top benefits.

The city of San Jose is the Capital city in California and is known for having a high cost of living, but it also has many perks to offset this. The median home price is about $625,000 which may be very expensive compared to other cities in the United States but you can see that there are benefits to living here. For example if you decide to retire you might want to consider moving into one of these homes since they have low tax rates.

There are some really great benefits that would help someone save money like inexpensive transportation or cheaper utilities.

If you live in San Jose CA the average commute time will be just 23 minutes and your annual property taxes would be around  $5,000. The average income in the city is about $75,000 which is very good if you are looking to raise a family. If you decide to have children there are many good charter schools that might help your child excel and get into a good college when they reach higher education. One of the main reasons people move to San Jose CA is for its job opportunities since it has many technology companies nearby like Adobe, Apple and Google just to name a few!


The city also has a lower crime rate compared to other cities in the country so that is another benefit to consider. You might not think it but with over 29,000 people employed by the government San Jose CA offers many federal services and this will give you more job opportunities too if you decide to go into a public service career path. Many of us do not realize there are jobs available in the public sector as well like working for the state, county or even on Capitol Hill! If you are looking at colleges for your children then Silicon Valley is great because there are several colleges nearby including Santa Clara University which was listed on US News Best College Rankings list.

San Jose has been known as Silicon Valley so if you want to work for one of these big companies then you might want to consider making the move and relocate your family. If you go to one of these universities there are many networking opportunities as well.

The cost of living in San Jose CA may be high but if you have a good job and earn enough money to support yourself and possibly your family it is worth considering making a move since there are several benefits. With low crime rates, decent schools, great weather with 300 days of sunshine annually and short commutes this city makes for a good place to live especially if you enjoy technology like Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft XBOX or Google Chrome book laptop computers!